Telescopic Ladder


The Telescopic ladder is the latest innovation in ladder technology. It is perfectly suited to all needs in business and the home.

Telescopic ladders can be adjusted from less than a meter to nearly 4 meters (and anywhere in between) and makes for an incredibly innovative tool, minimizing storage space and maximising efficiency.

Like all of our products, our Telescopic Ladders have met the stringent European EN131 quality standards and is rated to 150kg, while remaining light enough to be carried in one hand.

As we move into a time where space, safety and speed are considered more important than ever this ladder is quickly proving itself to be a ‘must have’ tool.

Beware of imitations: Isaacson Telescopic Ladders place massive emphasis on quality control. The Telescopic ladders provided by Isaacson Ladders have been carefully sourced and selected for distribution to the South African Market. Their selection was based on their high quality aluminium, design and manufacture.

Telescopic ladders:

When operating a telescopic ladder the user must ensure that each step has been properly extended and is locked in place. An indication that the step is locked in place can be seen by the retraction of the release clip towards the side rail, leaving no gap of viewable aluminium between the black plastic release clip and black plastic side rail covering. If a gap of aluminium can be seen the user must re-collapse the step by activating the release clip and begin again. An audible click can also be heard when the step is locked in place.  It is important that the user never try to move the ladder while still standing on it. When operating a telescopic ladder users must ensure that the bottom feet are placed on secure and even ground, and that the top part of the ladder is securely and evenly placed against a solid object. Both side rails must lean against the solid object evenly and securely. The solid object must be at least four times the width of the ladder itself to ensure the ladder does not slip to the side. The top of the lean to ladder should always fall at least 1 meter higher than the height intended to be reached. The lean-to ladder must never be used as scaffolding, or stand too close to the object the user intends to gain access to. The ladder should not lean at any less than 30 degrees, or any more than 45 degrees. It is advisable to obtain assistance from another to hold the ladder steady especially when it is used as high heights or for particularly robust work. When descending the ladder the user must always face the ladder and maintain a firm hold of the side rails. A ladder should not be used if it appears to be damaged in any way that may compromise the effective use of the ladder, for example bent steps, cracked feet and side rails etc.

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