Industrial Axial Fans

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Powa-Breeze insures continuous flow of fresh air on demand, eliminating extreme dust, heat and gas build-up, creating pleasant working conditions in the workplace.Fresh air is forced into the building from one side, while hot stale air is extracted on the other side, creating airflow across the building with a pleasant cooling effect.

Powa-Breeze axial fans offer the following benefits and features:

  • On demand inflow and exhaust application
  • Continuous inflow of fresh air
  • Low energy use
  • Improved production
  • Available in different sizes for various applications 1250, 750 and 600mm
  • Air capacity from 10800 m³/h up to 43000m³/h
  • 3-phase or single phase on request
  • With or without self activating louvres
  • Weather Cowls for inflow units.

Equipment Specifications

  • The outer structure of the body is made wholly of galvanized sheet iron.
  • The blades are specifically designed to provide durable resistance and high ventilation and cooling capabilities.
  • Electrical motor: three phase 380V1.1kw as standard or 220V on request.
  • Weather cowls are available on request.
  • Louvre Shutter: Removable Shutters manufactured from galvanized material, ensuring durability